Instagram Is Now Hiding Likes

Do Instagram really care about your mental health the whole platform is made to be addictive and you still get that dopamine rush when you see the number of likes your getting on a post that's still there hey everyone welcome back today we're gonna be discussing the real reasons why I believe that Instagram is removing the light feature and
 personally, I think it doesn't actually have much to do with mental health. we really appreciate it everything helps so let's crack on so you've recently probably heard the Instagram is testing the removal of the light feature off of its platform in a few countries around the globe I personally think this is great news because the light feature does have some damaging aspects on people's psychology so personally I think is a great idea of removing the like system there's actually two scenarios that I've personally witnessed in person with certain friends family members and individuals on nights out that really back that case up so the first scenario that I've experienced is I've had a few friends that I've seen their posts and like their pictures within the platform and I don't actually use Instagram that much even though I run a digital marketing agency I try and strive away and not use the platform for personal benefits as much as possible because the platform is literally sucked productivity out of me so I try and stay away from the platforms as much as possible however these attend an individual I did like their post and I was seeing them that same night so I liked their post same night we went out together and I've noticed that then removed the post from their account and I did actually bring it up in conversations like how come you've removed your post that I like today I thought is a great foe and they literally turned around and said like I'd only got like 12 likes so I've just removed it and I was thinking what is going on you've removed a post because it didn't get a lot of engagement and that is seriously worrying from my mental health aspect and a
 self-awareness aspect who cares how many likes it
 this is where the issue comes in which we're going to discuss the second scenario is that I know certain
 influencers in individuals who are doing extremely well
 on Instagram generating a lot of following and a lot of engagement through that pose
 however they have sort of growth hack the system because they know what posts receive the highest engagement and there are certain models in influencers out there already that will know that if they post pictures of their ass in their bum they are going to receive higher engagement from their audience which then gets them in the loop of thinking that they need to keep posting that sort of material to get more followers is extremely worrying I personally think that's the worst-case scenario to be in I know certain individuals who want to do singing or want to do sport or want to do Taekwondo for example and they can't post about that on their social media because they're worried that the engagement rates gonna drop meaning the brands are gonna find them less
 attractive and it's just one big feedback loop that gets bigger and bigger and bigger so that those two scenarios they're why I actually agree with the removal of likes on the platform and I think it's gonna be a great thing if they did actually remove it where the issues actually come into place with this whole we're doing this for mental health is the algorithm still at this current time that I'm filming this favors likes algorithm actually detects loads of different metrics to see whether it's worthy of going on someone's feed such as how much do you interact with that person do you DM them a lot do you talk to him via stories a lot if you do their content is going to be seen on your feed more often however likes is a very important metric on the platform because the algorithm picks up how many likes you received in a certain period of time then determines oh wow this is a good bit of content let's push this on to the explore page where your posts will see so much more of a reach and hit higher audiences which then increases your followers so what I'm saying is Instagram at this current time de-emphasizes posts that have low engagement rates meaning they will be seen on fewer accounts and feeds of other users so
 really think about this if influencers know that they need to get loads of likes to get on the explore page and get on more people's feeds then they're gonna still post content the increases engagement cause and still be obsessed with the type of posts that they're posting because they know that the more likes they get the more people are going to see it
 so the algorithm pushes that influence so when it gets more likes keeps the influence is happy and we've still got that feedback loop we haven't resolved anything because the algorithm still uses likes as a metric to see whether or not it deserves a place on someone's feed on the explore page like I said there are other metrics it is a very vital metric to hit in the explore page to really think about this do Instagram really care about your mental health the whole platform is made to be addictive you go on the platform and you still get that dopamine rush when you see the number of likes your you're getting on a post that's still there they are removing the notification when you hit the platform you're still gonna see how many likes a post gets so are they actually doing this for mental health issues or are they just doing it to increase profit and that is the key thing Instagram really think about this Instagram is a business and a business needs to make more revenue and profit every year so this mental health thing could be an actual valid reason or it could be just a really good piece of PR to cover up what they're actually trying to do so here's a thing they've now removed likes in certain countries to test out what influencers and
 individuals have noticed is their engagement has plummeted dramatically so they are receiving less likes because people can still see how many likes they get in the back end and they've also noticed that follower growth has dropped dramatically as well making it harder to grow on the platform so what does this mean this means two things one is now I'm gonna be harder for bigger
 businesses to determine whether an influencer is a good purchase or not because the like system is not clearly visible on the feed so I know once again that likes isn't the only metric to determine whether an influencer is a good boy however it does help a little bit so removing that makes it more difficult for some
 all the businesses and bigger businesses to determine whether an influencer is a good boy or not the second thing is is gonna make it harder for businesses to grow because they're receiving less engagement now meaning the algorithms not gonna push them on the explore page as much on people's feeds and it's like another snowball effect or feedback like that we've just spoken about so what is this result in well it results in we all start using the paid ads system that Instagram has on the platform if we can't get the reach that we want on Instagram businesses are gonna start paying more for ads and their thing is it's been very easy for individuals and businesses to grow it and make money on the platform but now in ceramics decided we need to remove that from the system make influences earn less money and make it harder for businesses to make money so they use our ad platform to get in front of certain individuals so stay very open minded about what Instagram is trying to do I'm the clearly state in my opinion I don't have someone on the inside of Instagram to know everything that they're doing will do I just really keep an open mind to this and understand that if Instagram does pull the plug on this and makes it harder influencers it's also gonna be harder for businesses because you're gonna be forced to use that paid ad system it's happened already Facebook owns Instagram and Facebook's a few years ago reduce the amount of engagement that a business page will receive on the platform so it literally forces everyone to use paid ads on Facebook that is gonna happen on Instagram very soon and if they do go ahead with the whole removal of like system yeah it's great for mental health however do understand that it is a business and they're doing it solelyfor business purposes so what I want to know is what is your personal opinion on the removal of the like system on the Instagram platform leave a comment down below.

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